Format: CD
Rel. Date: 09/10/2021
UPC: 192641603600

Unlikely Prescription
Artist: Twiztid
Format: CD


1. Corkscrew
2. Twist ; Shatter
3. Broken Heart
4. Confused
5. Neon Vamp Ft. Dani Filth
6. Comes with An Apology
7. Rose Petal
8. Dead Instead
9. Parasite
10. Perfect Problem
11. If I Get Things Right
12. More Than a Memory
13. Envy Ft. Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills
14. No Change Ft. Matt B of from Ashes to New
15. World of Pretend

More Info:

Twiztid have been no strangers to mixing rap and rock. After an appearance on the final Warped Tour in 2018, Twiztid hit the ground running with ideas to release a more rock-centered album. Unlikely Prescription is the result of those thoughts and plans. Working with artists like Ice Nine Kills, From Ashes to New, and Dani Filth, as well as drummer/producer Drayven, the duo has compiled an album sure to peak the interest of long time Twiztid fans as well as a brand-new generation of rock fans.