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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 08/28/2020
UPC: 193663826060

Jettison Mind Hatch [LP]
Artist: Tipper
Format: Vinyl


1. Sayonara
2. Vection
3. Baleen
4. Exit Chapel Perilous
5. Viscous
6. Sahra
7. C'est La Vie
8. Tethers
9. Permatemp
10. Fallow
11. Shelled
12. Oi Oi Spit

More Info:

''Tipper's Jettison Mind Hatch Might Be The Best Electronic Album Of The Year. The most talented musician you've probably never heard of is keeping the genre alive and well in a genre dominated by cookie-cutter rhythms and repetitive beats, it becomes easy for longtime fans of electronic music to grow bored of the once-groundbreaking category. Fortunately, 2019 has flipped the tables on this trend with the introduction of a new album by Britain's own Dave Tipper. Since his first musical release in 1997, Tipper has become well-known among the more devoted fans of electronic music for his unique, avant-garde approach to the genre. Jettison Mind Hatch is Tipper's newest project, featuring a 12-track LP; it successfully continues his pattern of innovative and experimental sounds while maintaining a hallmark, somewhat pristine balance between the abject and the beautiful.'' - Study Break Magazine