Ludvig Forssell Blk Ogv - Death Stranding (Blk) [180 Gram]


Format: Vinyl
Label: MONDO
Rel. Date: 04/12/2024
UPC: 194397075519

Death Stranding (Blk) [180 Gram]
Artist: Ludvig Forssell Blk Ogv
Format: Vinyl


1. Once There Was An Explosion
2. Alone We Have No Future
3. Bridges
4. Souless Meat Puppet
5. Beached Things
6. Chiral Carcass Culling
7. The Face of Our New Hope
8. John
9. An Endless Beach 1
10. Heartman 1
11. The Severed Bond 1
12. Claws of the Dead 1
13. Fragile 1
14. Stick Vs Rope 1
15. A Final Waltz 1
16. Strands 1
17. Lou 1
18. BB's Theme (Feat. Jenny Plant) 1
19. Flowers of Fingers 2
20. Cargo High 2
21. Demens 2
22. Decentralized By Nature 2
23. Mules 2
24. Porter Syndrome 2
25. Chiralium 2
26. Spatial Awareness 2
27. Stepping Stones 2
28. Frozen Space 2
29. The Timefall

More Info:

Mondo is proud to present Ludvig Forssell's original score to Hideo Kojima's 2019 masterpiece DEATH STRANDING.The enigmatic, haunting and beautifully rendered tale of a man tasked with re-connecting a fragmented America in the fallout of an extinction level event is as massive in scope, as it is in tone. But composer Ludvig Forssell has taken Kojima's complex vision and crafted a score worthy of the game's intricate design.Sci-fi synth, pounding percussion and swirling strings collide with choirs in beautiful and discordant ways as you travel the country in search of connection, while avoiding the spectres that also occupy the land. It all comes together with the beautiful BB's Theme, a haunting lullaby, sung by Jenny Plant that would surely be Oscar Nominated for Best Song, if only this were a movie.This score album is pressed on 3x 180 Gram Black vinyl discs, and features liner notes by composer Ludvig Forssell and creator and game director Hideo Kojima and all new artwork by Max Löffler.