Format: CD
Label: Misha Media
Rel. Date: 09/17/2021
UPC: 194690584091

Artist: Misha Seeff
Format: CD


1. now
2. april haze
3. come and go
4. you and i
5. tonight
6. your eyes
7. lamplight
8. dreamhaven
9. used to be
10. boardwalk
11. sun is shining
12. apart
13. dream
14. valentine's day
15. look around

More Info:

Misha Seeff is a teenage singer-songwriter who grew up in Canada, the US, and South Africa. His music has a classic acoustic pop sound, and he uses pictographic lyrics to tell stories both fictional and true. Featuring instrumentals reminiscent of classic 2000s bands and innovative vocal engineering, his debut album DREAMHAVEN feels like a perfect mix of the old and new. DREAMHAVEN includes the first songs the teenage singer-songwriter ever wrote, such as "apart" and "valentine's day," and more recent work such as "april haze" and "your eyes." The album was produced, recorded, and mixed by Ben Bernstein at Soniczen Records and Petting Zoo Studio in Oakland, CA, with additional vocal recording by Mark Ambrosino at The Madhouse in Queens, NY. DREAMHAVEN also features guitar work by Dave Shul, bass by Ben Bernstein, and drums and percussion from Andrew Griffin.