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Format: CD
Label: BROY
Rel. Date: 03/05/2021
UPC: 195269069490

The Wellsongs Project / Various
Artist: Wellsongs Project / Various
Format: CD


1. Sunshine (Marissa McGowan)
2. My Perfect Day (Lisa Brescia)
3. One One Direction (Vishal Vaidya)
4. My Very Own Dog (Margo Seibert)
5. Greta (Will Reynolds)
6. Nothing Like Being on a Train (Ethan Slater)
7. Cheer Girl (Allie Trimm)
8. Erin (Bradley Gibson)
9. Spaceship (Jason Gotay)
10. I Love You (Halle Hunt)
11. Para Ti (Michael Mendez)
12. The Mother's Touch (Lisa Howard)
13. Gordon (Kate Baldwin)
14. Something Beautiful (Christine Andreas)
15. I Love You - Bonus Track (Michael a. Pizzi)
16. Para Ti - Bonus Track (Juan)

More Info:

The Wellsongs Project is a collection of 16 new songs performed by an all-star broadway cast including Kate Baldwin, Christine Andreas, Lisa Howard, Ethan Slater, Jason Gotay, Margo Seibert, Allie Trimm, Lisa Brescia, Bradley Gibson, Halle Hunt, Marissa McGowan, Michael Mendez, Will Reynolds, and Vishal Vaidya.  The Wellsongs Project sprang from occupational therapist Michael A. Pizzi's work with children with special needs and their families, giving them a voice to empower them more fully. "Those children and families are the heroes among us," said Pizzi. "I brought composers with me to interview these children and their families, then each composer would write a song for and about each child. The project eventually took on a life of it's own as The Wellsongs Project, creating awareness that disability does not mean inability."The Wellsongs Project is produced by Michael A. Pizzi with music direction by Brian Cavanagh-Strong. It is engineered by James Yost, mixed by Jahn Sood and mastered by Patrick Derivaz. All proceeds of this album will go towards providing performing arts opportunities for children with special needs.