Format: CD
Label: Therese Records
Rel. Date: 10/08/2021
UPC: 195893020140

A Song is Way Above the Lawn
Artist: Karen Peris
Format: CD


1. Superhero
2. To the Library
3. I Would Sing Along
4. George in the Car
5. This Is a Song in Wintertime
6. Map for the Orange Daylight
7. Sister Birds
8. For a Giraffe
9. A Song Is Way Above the Lawn
10. Flowers

More Info:

Karen Peris, singer and songwriter of beloved Pennsylvania band, the innocence mission, offers a timeless album for children, or for listeners of any age, expressing both the universal and the particular sense of wonder and mystery keenly felt in small moments of a day: walking under trees in a city, encountering gentle lions in the public library, seeing dogs from a car window, hearing the opening sounds of the morning, noticing a feeling of connectedness to the larger world. A richly melodic album of great tenderness, often made poignant by Peris' singing and piano and chamber - like arrangements. Accompanied by her own full- color illustrations, it shines with a joy of being alive."Karen Peris nestles into the corners of beauty, articulating images and ideas just out of view." NPR Music"Music THIS SPECIAL deserves the greatest attention and deepest respect"- Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins, Lost Horizons).