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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 05/14/2021
UPC: 196006203894

Nebula Live In The Mojave Desert 2
Artist: Nebula
Format: CD


1. To the Center
2. Man's Best Friens
3. Giant
4. Clear Light
5. Highwire
6. Wall of Confusion
7. Tomorrow Never Comes
8. Let's Get Lost
9. Messiah
10. Perfect Rapture

More Info:

LIVE IN THE MOJAVE DESERT is a livestream concert film series created deep in the deep sand and huge boulders of some insanely beautiful California wilderness, with performances from Earthless, Nebula, Spirit Mother, Mountain Tamer, and STONER (a new band by Brant Bjork and Nick Oliveri). Live in the Mojave Desert was inspired by Pink Floyd's Live at Pompeii. A few of our favorite bands - new and legendary artists - with the Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show to light up a huge double pyramid of boulders. Recorded in 24 track ProTools