Format: Vinyl
Label: Stereofox LTD
Rel. Date: 03/24/2023
UPC: 1963620807253

Bulgarian Beat Wave Vol. 1 (Various Artists)
Artist: Bulgarian Beat Wave Vol. 1 (Various Artists)
Format: Vinyl


1. ymprl, TromBobby, Low Heat - Crossover (feat. Kamen)
2. Low Heat - Blazin' (feat. EVDN., Peyotoff)
3. Kamen - Drowsy (feat. DJ DELightfull)
4. Gena - Wasabi (feat. DJ DELightfull)
5. SMYAH - Necessities (feat. TromBobby)
6. Peyotoff - Lotus (feat. TromBobby, EVDN.)
7. Boyan, ymprl, Peyotoff, Low Heat, SMYAH - Can't Get Enough
8. ymprl, EVDN., TromBobby - Carefree
9. RADO, Kamen, EVDN. - 12 April
10. EVDN., RADO - Ascent
11. Low Heat - Where The Magic Happens (feat. TromBobby)
12. TromBobby - Prince of Qluk
13. Kamen - Exit 96 (feat. EVDN.)
14. Boyan - Take Our Time
15. Gena - Maelstrom (feat. SMYAH)
16. ymprl, Low Heat - ADHD
17. RADO - Dee Jay
18. Low Heat, ymprl - Overrated Swag
19. SMYAH - Graphite (feat. TromBobby, Peyotoff)

More Info:

Bulgaria's Instrumental Scene is Claiming it's Spot on the World Music Map with the First-ever Bulgarian Beat Wave Compilation. The goal of the project (recorded deep in the Balkan mountains) is to show the world that while the country is small, the scene is thriving and growing. There's also a mini-documentary available online. Expect anything from jazz, soul, funk, chillhop, and electronic music - with live instruments and even scratching elements by DMC's World Champion for 2022. The compilation was featured on BBC 1, CLASH Magazine, KCRW, RINSE. FM, as well as supported by numerous curators (including Apple Music's BEATstrumentals) & on Bandcamp's front page.