Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 04/14/2023
UPC: 196587700218

...So Unknown [Limited Edition Clear LP]
Artist: Jesus Piece
Format: Vinyl

More Info:

Limited clear vinyl LP pressing. Includes booklet. 2023 release. Seven years into a career built on an uncompromising ethos and carefully crafted, brutal sounds, Jesus Piece melds intelligence and aggression in a manner that doesn't just push the genre's rigid boundaries. It sets the standard for the shape of hardcore to come.... So Unknown is the sound of articulated brutality that defies categorization. It's 28 minutes of rage and introspection slammed into the red. From explosive opener 'In Constraints' to the dissonant strains of 'Tunnel Vision' to the caustic 'An Offering to The Night', Jesus Piece's Century Media debut and their first full-length since 2018's landmark, Only Self has been worth the wait. Co-produced and mixed by Randy LeBouef (Every Time I Die, Orthodox),... So Unknown is a spectacular second act and a passage to something more intense and personal for the five Pennsylvania natives.