Format: CD
Rel. Date: 04/14/2023
UPC: 196588117428

Les 3 Mousquetaires: D'artagnan - O.S.T. (Ger)
Artist: Guillaume Roussel (Ger)
Format: CD


1. Bois Saint-Sulpice
2. La Lettre de Buckingham
3. La Cour Des Mousquetaires
4. Le Proces D'athos
5. Conseil Du Roi
6. Chevauchee Vers L'auberge
7. D'artagnan Et Constance
8. Buckingham Accoste
9. Le Piege
10. Adieu Athos
11. En Route Pour L'angleterre
12. Feu de Camp
13. La Fleur de Lys
14. Les Demons D'athos
15. Milady - L'attentat
16. Les Ferrets
17. L'enlevement de Constance
18. Generique D'artagnan

More Info:

The 3 Musketeers - D'Artagnan is the first part of a series of two films adapted from the eponymous masterpiece by Alexandre Dumas. This historical drama features the fine flower of modern French cinema: Vincent Cassel, François Civil, Romain Duris, Pio Marmaï and Louis Garel. Note the presence of Eva Green (James Bond: Casino Royal, Dumbo, Sin City) in the skin of Milady. The young d'Artagnan, a musketeer in the making, finds himself in spite of himself plunged into a merciless struggle for the defense of the Kingdom of France, against a backdrop of political rivalries and religious wars. For this historical drama, Guillaume Roussel proposes a succession of themes that are both dark and epic, carried by powerful brass instruments and panting strings. Everything is punctuated by slow and expressive themes, sometimes light and poetic, often serious and solemn, supporting the chivalrous and epic character of the scenario.