Manic Street Preachers - Lifeblood 20


Format: CD
Label: Sony Uk
Rel. Date: 04/19/2024
UPC: 196588439025

Lifeblood 20
Artist: Manic Street Preachers
Format: CD


1. 1985
2. The Love of Richard Nixon
3. Empty Souls
4. A Song for Departure
5. I Live to Fall Asleep
6. To Repel Ghosts
7. Emily
8. Glasnost
9. Always / Never
10. Solitude Sometimes Is
11. Fragments
12. Cardiff Afterlife
13. Askew Road
14. Everything Will Be
15. Everyone Knows / Nobody Cares
16. Voodoo Polaroids
17. Quarantine (In My Place of)
18. All Alone Here
19. Dying Breeds
20. Litany
21. Failure Bound
22. No Jubilees
23. Antarctic
24. The Soulmates
25. 1985 (Steven Wilson Extended Eighties Mix)
26. 1985 (Gwenno Mix)
27. 1985 (Alternate Version)
28. 1985 (Demo)
29. The Love of Richard Nixon (Drum Machine Demo)
30. The Love of Richard Nixon (Live Rehearsal Demo)
31. A Song for Departure (Demo)
32. I Live to Fall Asleep (Cassette)
33. To Repel Ghosts (Demo)
34. Emily (Demo)
35. Solitude Sometimes Is (Demo)
36. Fragments (Demo)
37. Cardiff Afterlife (Cassette)
38. Cardiff Afterlife (Demo)
39. Solitude Sometimes Is (Tony Visconti Mix)
40. Emily (Tony Visconti Mix)
41. Cardiff Afterlife (Tony Visconti Mix)
42. Empty Souls (Live at BBC Maida Vale)
43. The Love of Richard Nixon (Live at BBC Maida Vale)
44. I Live to Fall Asleep (Live at BBC Maida Vale)
45. A Song for Departure (Live at BBC Maida Vale)
46. Fragments (Live at BBC Maida Vale)

More Info:

20th Anniversary Edition of Manic Street Preachers' seventh studio album 'Lifeblood'. This 2024 3CD Deluxe edition features many remastered tracks, b-sides, demos and outtakes, new liner notes by John Harris and unseen pictures by Mitch Ikeda. Also included is two brand new remixes of the lead track '1985' by Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and sometime collaborator Welsh artist Gwenno. Described by Nicky Wire as "our most estranged album of all" the record came at a time when the band were reflecting on what they had become and what they could be. The band looked to the music they had liked when they were young for inspiration, New Order circa 'Low Life', Prefab Sprout 'Steve McQueen', Thomas Dolby 'The Flat Earth', early Simple Minds, and the kind of cerebral electronic pop that dominated the early-to-mid 1980s. Wire said at the time "The main lyrical themes are death and solitude and ghosts. Being haunted by history and being haunted by your own past." James Dean Bradfield commented "I loved making Lifeblood, because it was interesting. I loved chasing these other versions of what we were trying to do."