Format: CD
Rel. Date: 07/08/2022
UPC: 196626830982

Havana Meets Kingston Part 2 (Aus)
Artist: Mista Savona
Format: CD

More Info:

The follow up to the acclaimed 2017 debut album, Mista Savona Presents Havana Meets Kingston Part 2.Havana Meets Kingston Part 2 featuring an all-star line-up of musicians from Cuba and Jamaica. An epic set of 15 tracks, Havana Meets Kingston Part 2 unites the deep roots grooves of reggae, dancehall, and rocksteady with the scorching soul of Cuban son, timba and salsa.While connected by common African roots and colonial histories, the music of Cuba and Jamaica have travelled largely in separate directions. Their influence on the music of the world has been immeasurable, but their influence on each other has been less evident - until now.It took an Australian to bring these two musically rich cultures together. Melbourne producer and musician Jake Savona had already fallen in love with the music of Jamaica, having released a string of successful reggae and dub albums under his stage name Mista Savona since 2007. He first travelled to Cuba in 2014 and on his last day in Havana, he was struck with a vision: he could imagine the sounds of Cuban rumba mixed with Jamaican nyabinghi, the spiritual & folkloric styles unique to each island.