Format: Vinyl
Label: Twenty First Century Recording C
Rel. Date: 06/16/2023
UPC: 196922266386

Forwards [White LP]
Artist: The Alarm
Format: Vinyl


1. Forwards
2. The Returning
3. Another Way
4. Love and Forgiveness
5. Next
6. Whatever
7. Transition
8. Love Disappearing
9. New Standards
10. X

More Info:

Forwards is the dramatic new album by The Alarm. Back to life after a year dominated by pneumonia and a serious leukemia relapse, lead singer and songwriter Mike Peters is once again ready to lead The Alarm as they present their new music to the world. Forwards is alive with melody and invention and destined to contend for a top place amongst The Alarmís extensive discography, one that boasts over 17 Top 50 U.K. singles and over 6 million album sales worldwide.