Kate Hudson - Glorious [Digipak]


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 05/17/2024
UPC: 196922879210

Glorious [Digipak]
Artist: Kate Hudson
Format: CD


1. Gonna Find Out
2. Fire
3. The Nineties
4. Live Forever
5. Talk About Love
6. .Love Ain't Easy
7. Rome
8. Never Made a Momen
9. Lying to Myself
10. Not Easy to Know
11. Glorious
12. Touch the Light

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Kate Hudson - Glorious - Pop CD

Kate Hudson's not sure what took her so long, especially with all the music whirling inside her. That hunger for musical expression from the woman who embodied the rocker's muse in Almost Famous runs deeper. "I always felt connected to music. It was my outlet." Natural and easy, there's both self-examination and celebration flowing through her songs. She understands the phases of modern music in a way that's fluid, but defined, honest, yet willing to leave it all at the door in the name of love. CD Digipak.