Format: CD
Label: Shifting Paradigm
Rel. Date: 11/18/2022
UPC: 197077396195

Nimbus in Motion
Artist: Thoughtcast
Format: CD


1. Feeling Unprepared
2. Nimbus in Motion
3. Here and Now
4. For the Drum
5. The Bellhop
6. Found Myself Running
7. Who You Are
8. Mina and Kathleen
9. When Logic Fails
10. Driving West

More Info:

ThoughtCast is the new project from Twin Cities bassist Graydon Peterson featuring Jake Baldwin, Joe Strachan and Ben Ehrlich. Their debut album, Nimbus in Motion, brings pedals and synthesizers into the traditional jazz quartet setting, leading the group sound into thunderous rock territory. Many of the tunes on the album grow and evolve from quirky, odd-meter rhythms into heavy, driving grooves over which soloists explore the stormy energy.