Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 10/13/2023
UPC: 197189067716

Artist: Jdotbalance
Format: Vinyl

More Info:

Jdotbalance left the moon and the sky for a city that works. This is their first offering for the ESP Institute. On side A, 'Sublimate' combines two aspects of a digital pipe and mallet assortment-both as the percussive base for a groove, and as an interstitial layer where inherent resonances are massaged into melody. Bubbles and squeaks dance around the sound-stage periphery, occasionally pierced by high frequency statements, presenting as either ghostly yelps from the ether or as bursts of kaleidoscopic shards. A third of the way through the track, the instrumentation truly does sublimate, crystallizing into a new self-bolder and naughtier, abandoning it's pensive optimism for a detour around the spectrum's dark end. On the flip, 'Precipitate' continues with it's predecessor's primer of metallic percussion, but accelerates the pace to reveal Jdot's attitude leaning toward malice. The kick drum relentlessly pounds us as 16th note droplets metamorphose from chrome-dipped hail into full-blown acid wind. As intensity retreats beneath the digital rubble and the track draws to a close, so does our stream of Jdot's consciousness. These two songs will accelerate your nervous system.TracklistingA. SublimateB. Precipitate