Format: CD
Rel. Date: 11/17/2023
UPC: 197189951220

I've Mine
Artist: Ive
Format: CD

More Info:

An irreplaceable icon of K-pop, IVE, announces their return that is expected to be the peak of perfection. With expressions and performances that exude confidence and music that reflects a strong sense of identity, IVE will show a captivating transformation in their new album. There is no wavering when it comes to expressing oneself and through this message, IVE’s trajectory is becoming increasingly clear.   

IVE’s first mini album <I’VE MINE>, seamlessly navigates between their signature unique style and a bold new transformation. IVE’s new image is impressive in that it goes beyond music and evokes a broader theme. Their message of self-assurance remains constant, but their new change is sure to exceed everyone’s expectations.

Triple Title Tracks – IVE’s Endless Transformation

Through this album, IVE expresses a diverse range of images of oneself from varying perspectives. The three title tracks, ‘Either Way’ from the perspective of others, ‘Off The Record’ what we discover in each other and ‘Baddie’ finding another version of ourselves, all express an infinitely expanding message. The diverse ways of expression include showing curiosity from a young girl’s perspective and touching upon sensitive emotions to evoke empathy. The concepts of the three songs match the mood and style of each individual track and give a range of styles for listeners to enjoy.

The pre-release single, ‘Either Way’ is about oneself that is not free from the gaze of others. Beginning with dreamy synths, the track creates a lyrical atmosphere that blends seamlessly with the members’ emotional vocals to draw out the listener’s empathy. The lyrics “Let’s find the real me amidst the misunderstandings created by countless other people’s gazes” written by singer-songwriter Sunwoojunga, depict the irony and our experiences in modern society.

Another pre-release single, ‘Off The Record’ expresses IVE’s approach to love in a more familiar way. Written by Seo Ji Eum, who has been with IVE since the beginning of their career, ‘Off The Record’ portrays the stories of young girls who are curious about love during a deep, sleepless night. The track combines the colorful voices of the members over a rhythmic beat, evoking vivid emotions like a scene from a musical film. The song illustrates IVE’s secretive late night conversation, highlighting the curiosity and daring imagination that can only be felt before becoming adults.

The final title track, ‘Baddie’, defies all expectations. While delivering a message of self-assurance that is the core of IVE’s identity, it presents a completely different version of oneself that showcases a bold and cool IVE with a darker charm. With lyrics written by BIG Naughty, the song features a powerful trap beat and unique electric bass sound that makes the track simple yet full of sound. The addictive hook and powerful rap are more than enough for listeners to experience the unique charm of IVE that has never been seen before. 

IVE’s first mini album <I’VE MINE>, maintains the group’s distinctive style while showcasing unpredictable and endless new transformations. The overarching message remains constant: a narrative about the inherent charm in showing one’s real ‘self’ and not hesitating to directly speak up about honest emotions. Characterized by their confidence and style that resonates with everyone, IVE will continue to captivate audiences with their enduring stylishness.