Russell Butler  E.L. - Call Me G


Format: Vinyl
Label: T4T LUV NRG
Rel. Date: 11/24/2023
UPC: 197189986680

Call Me G
Artist: Russell Butler E.L.
Format: Vinyl

More Info:

T4T LUV NRG presents 'Call Me G', the new album by Brooklyn's Russell E.L. Butler, their first full length LP since the release of 2018's critically acclaimed 'The Home I'd Build For Myself and All My Friends' on Left Hand Path. In the intervening years, Russell has experienced an accumulation of personal subjective experiences which are explored through captivating musical modalities and expressions on this sprawling, gorgeous, and deeply emotional album. Russell's work on 'Call Me G' can be described as a unique amalgam of early NY house music, dub techno and poetry. The album's title track, as well as it's instrumentals, are a kind of storytelling for histories that continue to exist without observation as well as for secrets and the power they hold in spite of their truth being obscured and sometimes lost.Storytellers like Russell have the ability to collapse the past and future into discrete experiences of non-linear time through the emotional landscape of music and voice. Each song contains a palatable loneliness and hurt to which many in this modern world can relate, but each track also suggests the possibility of genuine connection and the formation of the self through communing and reintegrating with the natural world. These parallel concepts are the subject of 'Accumulation', a writing by Russell which accompanies the release of the album. The emotions, conflicts and resolutions that accompany Russell's storytelling are felt acutely on tracks such as 'I'm Dancing No One Is Watching' and 'Stare Into The Light Beam', among others.On the title song, which closes the album, Russell sings 'Can you call me? Will you call me? All that I want is for you to call me by my name... My name is G.' Context is part of interpretation and thus it is left to the listener to feel in the music and lyrics the concept that what may seem erased never truly dies, the traces still exist in the thing that takes it's place. The T4T LUV NRG label is in part a continuing effort to facilitate the documentation of true stories that don't get told-rather than representing a singular vibe or genre. Russell's album is a stunning and profound entry in this evolving catalog of music and art. The beautiful cover of 'Call Me G' is based on a hand drawn portrait of the artist by Diego Guzman.Tracklisting:A1. Secret in a Silent Voice A2. To Be Enough B1. I'm Dancing No One is Watching B2. Stare into the Light Beam C1. A Brief Aside C2. The Place Where I Found D1. Call Me G