Wet Fruit - Dandelions At The Gate [Limited Edition] (Ofgv)


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 03/08/2024
UPC: 197993094595

Dandelions At The Gate [Limited Edition] (Ofgv)
Artist: Wet Fruit
Format: Vinyl


1. Dandelions at the Gate
2. Human Television
3. Ash Wednesday
4. Cloak Room
5. St. Charles
6. Shrinking Violet
7. Before We Knew
8. A Heaven in the Eye
9. Remember in Wholesale
10. St. Charles - E. Medina Remix

More Info:

"The weird and wonderful Wet Fruit of Portland, Oregon, return with a full-length of mathy psychedelia that always feels intricate rather than fussy, like a lucid dream of indie rock, the band always ready to push their songs into more abstracted territory while keeping everything to a snappy three minutes or less. Dandelions At The Gate is a record that deserves repeated listenings, not because it is difficult to understand or objectively weird but because it really is so interesting, and there is much enjoyment to be had growing familiar with the many eccentric blips and bloops the band employs to adorn the spaces between their spiraling guitars and looping vocals." - Bandcamp Essential Releases Sept. '23