Jack Magnet Science - Future Forecast


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 08/02/2024
UPC: 198168741191

Future Forecast
Artist: Jack Magnet Science
Format: Vinyl


1. Wild Card
2. Space Pasadena
3. Dreams of Delphi
5. ReAct!
6. RuPtures

More Info:

Jakob Magnusson has lived many lives that are a confluence of extraordinary musical talent, TV & film production work, environmental activism, and even a stint as the cultural attache of the Icelandic embassy in London. His new musical project, Jack Magnet Science, is the latest endeavor in his rolodex of multi-hyphenism. The project is an amalgamation of members of the prolific Icelandic band Stuomenn, which he co-founded, and top call US-based jazz titans such as Peter Erskine (Weather Report, Steps Ahead) and Matthew Ganison (Shapeshifter, The Zawinul Syndicate). The future-forward ensemble will release their debut album, 'Future Forecast' on June 7, 2024 via Floki Studios. Future Forecast is a double entendre nodding to the band's admiration for Magnusson's fascinating environmental work background that includes developing a weather control device with British scientists that has been successfully used for years at various musical festivals. In the autumn of 2022, the newly formed group convened at Floki Studios, located in a remote area of Northern Iceland and decided to operate off the most simple, yet perhaps somewhat risky premise: Let's play and see what happens.The musicians improvised for three days which culminated into hours of improvised music split over 72 tracks that then provided the basis for 7 brand new tracks, each detailing a sonic exploration of it's own. All musicians involved recounted transformative experiences at Floki Studios that rekindled their love for making music, 'This musical experience reignited my passion for creating and recording new music, " reflected Erskine in a radio interview shortly after the sessions.That is the sound of Future Forecast-a way forward, without boundaries, suddenly aware of how many more possibilities await.