Painted Shield - Painted Shield 3 [LP]


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 07/26/2024
UPC: 198391010446

Painted Shield 3 [LP]
Artist: Painted Shield
Format: Vinyl


1. Lover Divine
2. The Pleasure
3. Transector
4. Clear Blue Sky
5. She Runs
6. Window
7. Run 'em All Down
8. Testify
9. Damn What a Beautiful Man
10. The Getter
11. Versions of Her
12. End in Mind

More Info:

About Painted Shield 3: I think Painted Shield 3 is our most equally collaborative record yet. You can really feel all five of us on this one with Josh Evansí production keeping it all cohesive. Stone has some classic amazing Stone riffs like The Pleasure and Lover Divine. Brit takes the lead on some fantastic grooving songs like The Getter and She Runs. Matt Chamberlain really brought his amazing modular synth writing chops to the table on songs like Testify and Run Em All Down. Jack-of-all-trades Jeff is holding down the amazing bass on songs like End In Mind and singing amazing harmonies on songs like The Pleasure. And Iím bringing my folkier songwriting passion to songs like Window and Clear Blue Sky. The result is Painted Shield 3. A musical universe unto itself. Canít wait for you to hear it! ~Mason Jennings