Speed - Only One Mode [Indie Exclusive Cornetto sky blue & white LP]


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 07/12/2024
UPC: 198391801181

Only One Mode [Indie Exclusive Cornetto sky blue & white LP]
Artist: Speed
Format: Vinyl


1. Real Life Love
2. Don't Need
3. No Love But for Our Own
4. Only Foes
5. The First Test
6. Kill Cap
7. Send Them 2 Sydney
8. Shut It Down
9. I Mean It
10. Caught in a Craze

More Info:

It’s new for a hardcore band to be big, unprecedented for one from Australia. Big in two ways—for hardcore kids from Sydney, playing good shows worldwide, proudly representing their scene. And second, for any band from the scene playing hard music, crossing over hard into the larger world. It’s quick work to find SPEED doing both: headlining shows in England, New York, Japan, globally, turning in blazing sets at Sound & Fury and This Is Hardcore, among other massive heavy music festivals. Seven-figure viewed videos—their set at S&F, short films for their songs—and tunes headlining video game soundtracks. Famous folks wearing their jerseys, people new to the scene showing up to more gigs. SPEED know that because of these global crossover moments, they might be some people’s first hardcore band; the idea is that they’ll get introduced not only to SPEED, but also to the scene and the people behind it. Find SPEED, and you’ll find Sydney hardcore; find a band making hard music, find more energy back home.