Ghostface Killah - Set the Tone (Guns & Roses) [2 LP]


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 09/13/2024
UPC: 198588105405

Set the Tone (Guns & Roses) [2 LP]
Artist: Ghostface Killah
Format: Vinyl


1. 6 Minutes (ft. Jim Jones, Sheek Louch, & HARL3Y)
2. Pair of Hammers (ft. Method Man)
3. Skate Odyssey (ft. Raekwon & October London)
4. Scar Tissue (ft. Nas)
5. Kilo in the Safe (ft. Iceman)
6. Skit 1
7. No Face (ft. Ye)
8. Champion Sound (ft. Beniton)
9. Cape Fear (ft. Fat Joe & HARL3Y)
10. Skit 2
11. Plan B (ft. HARL3Y)
12. Bad Bitch (ft. Ja Rule & Trevor Jackson)
13. Locked In (ft. AZ & Bee-B)
14. Skit 3
15. Touch You (ft. Shaun Wiah)
16. Shots (ft. Busta Rhymes, Serani, & HARL3Y)
17. Trap Phone (ft. Chucky HollyWood)
18. Outro Skit
19. YUPP! (ft. Remy Ma)

More Info:

Ghostface is ready to "Set The Tone" with his new album, featuring a blend of tracks catering to both male and female audiences. Expect a mix of hard-hitting New York rap and melodic, laid-back records. Additionally, Ghostface has collaborated with hip-hop heavyweights such as Nas, Kanye West, Ja Rule, and many others.