Raise Hell - Written In Blood [w/L T-Shirt]


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 08/21/2015
UPC: 200000048921

Written In Blood [w/L T-Shirt]
Artist: Raise Hell
Format: CD

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Swedish thrash metal band, Raise Hell, is back with a new and highly anticipated album. This time, featuring a brand new line-up and an extremely powerful tracklist. "Written in Blood" has an awesome mix of thrashing, screaming vocals with ripping guitar riffs and pounding drums as heard in "Dr. Death", "Six Feet Under" and "We Arise". This, combined with the heavier, more melodic songs "A Blackened Resurrection", "The Bell Of The Reaper" and "In Cold Blood", gives the album another dimension. It's both harder and faster then the latest releases - exploding with energy, it won't leave anyone untouched!