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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 08/29/2020
UPC: 200000070120

Clandestine - Live [RSD Drops Aug 2020]
Artist: Entombed
Format: Vinyl

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RSD 'First' Aug

Original members Nicke Andersson (drums), Uffe Cederlund (guitar) and Alex Hellid (guitar) together with Robert Andersson (vocals) and Edvin Aftonfalk (bass) perform second Entombed album, Clandestine, live for the first time at the 25th Anniversary of release.

SIDE A 01. “Intro” 02. “Living Dead” 03. “Sinners Bleed”
SIDE B 01. “Evilyn” 02. “Blessed Be” 03. “Stranger Aeons”
SIDE C 01. “Chaos Breed” 02. “Crawl” 03. “Severe Burns”
SIDE D 01. “Through The Colonnades” 02. “Left Hand Path”