Aeon Winds - Night Sky Illuminations


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 12/08/2023
UPC: 301660563318

Night Sky Illuminations
Artist: Aeon Winds
Format: CD


1. Night Sky Illuminations
2. Opus Coronation
3. Of Revenants and Apparitions
4. Stellar Transcendence
5. Primordial Fire
6. Blazing Monuments
7. Moonglow
8. Nox Aeterna (CD Bonus Track)

More Info:

Aeon Winds - Night Sky Illuminations - After four years of waiting, Aeon Winds are back with their new album Night Sky Illuminations. Their third full-length studio album, it follows up the themes the band dealt with in their previous album Stormveiled (2019) and the EP Extinguishing the Light (2022). The mythological legacy of pre-Christian times intertwines with the mystical fascination of Carpathian sceneries and blends into seven long, hymnic and powerful songs. Recorded, mastered and produced at Tryzna Studio, Aeon Winds new studio album features a painting by Russian digital illustrator Yaroslav Gerzhedovich, and will be released on CD, LP and digital November 17th, 2023 via Avantgarde Music. Dive into the depths of Night Sky Illuminations for some symphonic black metal from the ancient times.