Atlan, Edmond - Folklore Constantinois


Format: CD
Label: Kuroneko
Rel. Date: 12/01/2023
UPC: 3232822262138

Folklore Constantinois
Artist: Atlan, Edmond
Format: CD


1. Track 1
2. Roh Telka Feêlek
3. Track 3
4. Eêni Eêniya
5. Track 5
6. Djesde Erhaoui
7. Track 7
8. Ya Nadim
9. Track 9
10. Redjli McHète Biya
11. Track 11
12. Sidi Rohi Akli
13. Track 13
14. Reit Eriad
15. Track 15
16. Emchi -Al Ghossone
17. Track 17
18. Redjli McHète Biya

More Info:

Musical folklore from Constantine is a form of artistic expression that has it's origins in the Constantine region of Algeria. It is a unique blend of Arab, Berber and Ottoman traditions, reflected in the music, song and dance of the region. The music of Constantine is characterized by the use of traditional instruments such as the lute, the bendir (tambourine) and the gasba (reed flute). The melodies are often haunting and rhythmic, and the lyrics deal with themes as varied as love, nature and daily life. Performed with grace and elegance, they are an integral part of the region's festivities and celebrations.