Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 12/29/2023
UPC: 3309450047960

Death Note Vol.2 - O.S.T. (Brwn) [Colored Vinyl]
Artist: Death Note Vol.2 - O.S.T. (Brwn) (Colv)
Format: Vinyl


1. Kyrie II
2. Semblance of Dualism
3. Low of Solipsism II
4. Death Note Theme -Intrumental-
5. Tactics of the Absolute
6. Kyrie for Ochestra
7. Air
8. Light Lights Up Light for Piano
9. Dark Light
10. L's Barrier
11. Throbbing
12. Uneasiness
13. Air of Tension
14. Higuchi
15. Shiver B
16. Conference Room of Yotsuba Murders
17. Anger
18. The World of Death Gods B
19. L's Friend
20. Misa's Theme a
21. Misa's Theme B
22. Intro
23. Sakura TV
24. The Reasoning
25. Suspicious
26. Yotsuba Group
27. The Secret
28. The Sound of Hands on the Clock

More Info:

Light Yagami, a gifted young student, one day picks up the 'Death Note', a notebook previously kept by a shinigami (God of death), Ryuk, who apparently was bored in his world. Just write the name of a person in this notebook, and this one dies (according to certain conditions that the shinigami will explain to Light during their meeting). Thus, with the 'Death Note' in hand, Light decides to rid the planet of all criminals to make it a just world, a perfect world. However, who is he to judge people? He therefore becomes the worst wanted criminal on the whole planet.. Two composers and arrangers composed for this work: Hideki TANIUCHI (HAJIME NO IPPO, NANA) and Yoshihisa HIRANO (FINAL FANTASY, HUNTER X HUNTER).