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Format: CD
Label: BUD
Rel. Date: 04/09/2021
UPC: 3341348603674

A Principiu
Artist: L'alba
Format: CD


1. Guarisce
2. Indiferenti
3. So Diventatu
4. Di Punta a L'abbissu
5. Schjari U to Chjassu
6. Ancu Sfarente
7. Felici Suspesi
8. U Tornaviaghju
9. Paghjella
10. A to Cullana
11. Stranieri Da L'internu

More Info:

L'Alba's work sets it at the heart of the Corsican musical landscape: while preserving the heritage of polyphonic voices, the group is now absorbing new influences with sounds borrowed from the world's regional cultures such as North Africa, Italy, Greece and Portugal. The voices harmonize with instruments such as harmonium, guitar, violin, clarinets, flutes, mandolins, bass and percussion.