Takfarinas - Ul-Iw Tsayri (Mon Cour C'est L'amour) [Digipak]


Format: CD
Label: MLP
Rel. Date: 05/24/2024
UPC: 3415442208681

Ul-Iw Tsayri (Mon Cour C'est L'amour) [Digipak]
Artist: Takfarinas
Format: CD


1. Uli-w Tsayri (Mon Coeur C'est L'Amour)
2. Ur Yi D-Tewqie Ara
3. An-Nezweg
4. Jsk-Nne
5. Teslevluv-Iyi
6. Allen-Im
7. Tizizwa-w
8. Mesluvi
9. Ay-Ilmezyen
10. Necca Necca
11. Smah Smah
12. Taqvaylit-Iw
13. La Kabylie
14. Slam-Iw
15. Paris
16. Yemma Lezzayer-Iw
17. Yemma Lezzayer-iw ( Ma mère, l'Algerie)
18. Cekcuka
19. Ma Bella
20. Les gens Des Banlieues
21. Des Hauts Et Des Bas/ Aserdun-iw La jeunesse

More Info:

Takfarinas, whose real name is Hacène Zermani (in Kabyle: ?sen Zermani), born on February 25, 1958 in Tixeraine, a suburb of Algiers, is an Algerian Kabyle singer, musician and songwriter. He has lived in France since 1979. His lyrics pay homage to Kabyle and Amazigh culture, but sometimes stray from this into the committed appeals that make up his signature style. He calls his musical style "yal". Takfarinas helped popularize Kabyle music in Europe. His style and his music of love and fraternity have spread beyond his homeland, Algeria. A music that embodies the joy of living together and banishes fanaticism and extremism. A battle fought by many Kabyle poets and artists.