Format: CD
Rel. Date: 09/09/2022
UPC: 3448960291125

Petit Scarabee Se Detend (2pk)
Artist: Santini / Huber
Format: CD

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Come, we have someone to introduce to you: Little Beetle. He is a child of your age, who is very nice. Very curious too! He learns something new every day by observing what is happening around him. But Lately, Little Beetle has been feeling a little stressed. He sometimes has trouble managing everything at once... So sometimes he can't take it anymore, and he explodes all of a sudden. It would change everything if he managed to manage his anger before it was too late! Little Beetle thinks there might be some tricks he needs to know to relax, learn to relieve the pressure, or even change his emotions... If he discovers any during his adventures, he promises, he'll share them with you ! Together you will discover how to recognize them, listen to them, transform them and soothe yourself