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Format: CD
Label: FRAS
Rel. Date: 10/16/2020
UPC: 3561302576428

L'haptonomie Perinatale
Artist: Dolto
Format: CD

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Perinatal haptonomy seeks to develop a basic sense of security in both children and parents through emotional confirmation. A child who has been received in an affective-confirming manner by both parents behaves quite differently and develops this feeling of security which translates into a very special presence." (Catherine DOLTO) Catherine Dolto-Tolitch is a general practitioner, psychoanalyst, haptotherapist, and writer specializing in children's health. A member of the UNICEF sponsorship committee, she is particularly attached to a preventive approach to medicine. Here, she presents, for young and future parents, the founding bases of haptonomy, this encompassing approach of affectivity through touch to achieve self-fulfillment and the autonomy of the child in the making.