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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 06/04/2021
UPC: 3561302577524

Trouve Le Verbe De Ta Vie
Artist: Roubato
Format: CD

More Info:

What do you want to do later?" You've been asked this question for years. I have another question for you: what is the verb of your life? Not the job, the verb. This letter to a teenager has changed many lives since it was first published. It has become an educational tool used by many teachers, parents and trainers in several countries, and won the Grand Prix Clap de Diamant 2018 in the competition organized by the National Education I film the job that I like" under the direction from Costa-Gavras. Addressed to a teenager or to an elephant, to a cassette or a wash house, to fragility or to my indifference, to Snow White or Émile Zola, these letters invite us to take an uncompromising look at our time and to consider our relationships to society, to the world and to ourselves. A follower of short text and orality, Sarah Roubato has developed the letter addressed to a recipient who cannot respond, as a genre that allows her to question several social issues, with distance and acuity.