Kazumi & Maia - Lamitie


Format: CD
Label: Kuroneko
Catalog: NULL
Rel. Date: 07/12/2024
UPC: 3590070021199

Artist: Kazumi & Maia
Format: CD


1. A l'endroit à l'envers
2. On s'inquiète pas
3. Chansons
4. Ondo
5. Caravan
6. Le p'tit déj
7. L'Amitié
8. Sur la colline de Delos
9. Lettre
10. Ogiyodiora
11. Etranger
12. Boule qui roule
13. L'Amitié des petits

More Info:

L'Amitié is the meeting between Kazumi, a soprano singer from Kobe, and Maïa, who at the time was a flautist/saxophonist in the Kabocha Shokaï street band. A Zen monk, Shimizu (known to all as David), mad about experimental music and jazz, and a passionate (but broke) producer, suggested they make an album together, which they produced between Japan and France, surrounded by musician friends from all walks of life.