L Beethoven .V. / Schuch / Ensari - Eternity


Format: CD
Label: NAIVE
Rel. Date: 04/05/2024
UPC: 3700187683191

Artist: L Beethoven .V. / Schuch / Ensari
Format: CD

More Info:

Humans' hope lies in art. The music of Schubert or Beethoven in particular, which gives us some idea of what worlds can still exist. What words can we use to make these works of art tangible? Not explainable, but tangible.With this album, Turkish-born pianist Gulru Ensari and Romanian-born Herbert Schuch want to provide a space for experience, a place where they can carefully and tentatively approach the subject of eternity. The connection between Messiaen and Schubert, Beethoven and Brahms? Nothing more or less than a perceived truth. An involuntary connection of lines that are already there, but are drawn into infinity and meet somewhere, like the parallel rails of a dead-straight track that stretches right into infinity!With this new recording "Eternity", Gulru Ensari and Herbert Schuch entail the music lover to understand the act of listening as a dialogue with oneself (« let us experience it ourselves, recognising the infinitely varied ways in which people perceive things as something enriching instead of something striving for uniformity »).