Format: Vinyl
Label: Frigio Records
Rel. Date: 10/28/2022
UPC: 3700398725055

Artist: Cawd Slaydaz
Format: Vinyl


1. A
2. Rio Blanco (03.59)
3. A
4. Dejen Bailar (03.15)
5. A
6. Potato Trip (03.19)
7. A
8. Mundo Del Chat (02.51)
9. A
10. Razones (04.59)
11. A
12. Real G (03.03)
13. B
14. El Mejor Escenario Posible (03.52)
15. B
16. El Gorila Del Desierto (04.25)
17. B
18. Abuson (02.14)
19. B
20. Ufff (04.10)
21. B
22. Viva El Paro Nacional (06.05)

More Info:

Cawd Slaydaz is a clear shift for Frigio Records. Yet, this debutant also marks a return of sorts. The album brings together Hugo de Naranja, co-founder of former Red Light Radio, and Max Abysmal. The link that connects the two? Their love for Colombia and the rich musical melting pot of this diverse nation. Nothing is stable on this eleven track LP, recorded in Bogotá Colombia with 10 different local guest artists. Rhythms are cross pollinated, cold and stark city thump collides with rich and lively organic flows. The style pursued is anything but singular, like the messages. Social exclusion and brutality in the poetic Perreo "Dejen Bailar" is mirrored in the Cumbia food ode "Potato Trip". Dark Electronics, Experimental Bass & Trap are the genre tags that most will attempt to label this record with. This ignores the Leftfield Funk of "El Gorila Del Desierto", the Stoner Ambient of "Uffff" or the Synth-Punk rage of "Razones". An audio snapshot of a country: TOTAL.