Format: CD
Rel. Date: 05/05/2023
UPC: 3700398727646

Artist: Wax
Format: CD


1. Regular
2. Saison X
3. Skate Park
4. Mollo
5. Afro You Say
6. 1+1
7. Language in Common
8. Migration
9. Parallel Universe

More Info:

One let's oneself slip into "Mollo" like a body on the surface of the water. It starts with a cool feeling in your feet, then it tickles your whole body until your brain capsizes. "Mollo" swallows you whole. Funny journey.We follow the flow. Sometimes soaring, the body stretches and levitates on the riffs of guitar or keyboard hallucinated. Sometimes bubbling, the body is agitated in a trance with the frenetic sound of the sax and the drums. Sometimes, the swirls are there which announce the explosive fall in a burst of electronic sound. A few hundred meterslower, we catch our breath. Nobody will come out unscathed.They are 5 adventurers that these musicians.To the call of Raphael Illes in 2018, they all answered present. Not to climb a wall of the Cevennes or surf Californian waves, these 5 having the taste of aerial or aquatic experiences in imbalance.But to create Wax, a group of experienced and daring musicians, spinning on the crest of a jazz both acoustic and electro, without ever being afraid of the void. Their melodic motifs interlock and take us into a trance, like an intoxication of altitude.