L'ecole Des Fables - L'ecole Des Fables Part En Classe Verte [With Booklet]


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 03/22/2024
UPC: 3700398728100

L'ecole Des Fables Part En Classe Verte [With Booklet]
Artist: L'ecole Des Fables
Format: CD

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In Miss Plume's class, there are all kinds of funny animals: A penguin with a cold, a mocking mouse, a slug picking it up, a very stingy rat, a politician chameleon, a dove who wants to be left alone, a conjuring langoustine, a hunted whale... This year, after the success of the first CD Book published in 2017, the school of fables is going to the green class! The perfect opportunity to talk about ecology and global warming! But not only! Thomas Semence, guitarist for Jean Louis Aubert and Joyce Jonathan, is the conductor of this great carnival of sensitive and funny animals. With many prestigious guests, such as Jeanne Cherhal, Raphaël or Enrico Macias! To the delight of all, young and old!