Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 07/28/2023
UPC: 3700398728148

Ishin Denshin
Artist: Laszlo Hortobagyi
Format: Vinyl

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László Hortobágyi (Budapest, 1950 -) is a Hungarian composer. From 1976, he collected and learned to play sitar, tabla, rudra-vina in India, founder of the Eastern Music Archive collection. In addition to his studies in musicology, Indology and fine arts, he participated in the design and construction of some Eastern European organs. Since 1967, he has been continuously organizing expeditions and collection trips, primarily to the territory of Northern India, for the purpose of making on-site recordings, searching for music-philological sources, combing through libraries, archives, sound libraries, and learning the local musical practice. Among other things, rudra-vina, surbahar, sitar and tabla, etc. Received musical training. Following the Hindi-Mohammedan music society founded by Navraojji Kabraji in 1870 1980founded the Gáyan Uttejak Mandal ensemble in, which expanded with the Gáyan Uttejak Studio and the multinational Gayan Uttejak Orchestra. His musicological and theoretical publications were published both abroad and in Hungary on classical Indian music, computer music systems, memetics, a possible bitonal harmony system, fictitious social systems and their structure, Hindustani bowl structures, alienation and the polyphonic application of the 22-degree overtone system. Cyber-rága created malas and meme depictions.