Edgar - Edgar Is Dead [Digipak]


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 04/19/2024
UPC: 3700398729169

Edgar Is Dead [Digipak]
Artist: Edgar
Format: CD


1. Share the Light - Intro
2. Time
3. It's Gonna Be Alright
4. Summery Land
5. Backseat Boy
6. Edgär Is Dead
7. Superman
8. Sunset
9. Falling
10. Share the Light
11. Russian Roulette

More Info:

NEW ALBUM.Edgar is dead. Long live Edgar!Like a rebirth, the French duo's new album scheduled for March 1, 2024 immerses us in a decidedly more rock universe. A return to the sources in red & black colors, symbol of a violent crossing in the darkness of doubt and resurrection. Edgär is dead is a declaration of love to the rebellious waves from England that sweep over the rainy cities of the North of France.Strolling between The Strokes and Artic Monkeys via The Hives, the musical references of the Amiens (French town where the duo comes from) duo shine through in this new album, where nostalgia serves satire and where the romanticism we know about them gives way to sweat. Even if Edgär is Dead makes the walls shake with it's saturated guitars, the melody still dominates on each of it's tracks. The vocal harmonies, Edgär's remarkable signature, are engraved in the marble of his tombstone.After two EPs, an album, more than 7 million streams, a successful French tour of more than 35 dates from the Main Square Festival to opening acts for Sting, Alice Cooper, Kyo, etc... Edgär makes a resounding return and counts establishing itself as one of the references of rock in France.With their new album "Edgär is Dead", Edgär sounds revolt and awakens the teenager in us!