Slowaxx - Shapes Interfusion


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 06/21/2024
UPC: 3700398729480

Shapes Interfusion
Artist: Slowaxx
Format: Vinyl


1. Emoyeni
2. Y.B.A
3. Stazione Funk
4. Femmes
5. Pantere Rosee
6. No Secret

More Info:

Slowaxx is the solo project and live band created by Riccardo Chiarucci, a music producer, arranger and composer based in Tuscany (Italy). His first album 'Shapes Interfusion' features a unique blend of jazz, electronic music and hip-hop, recorded with a collective of musicians and the rapper Young A.M.A. The creative process of the album involves a mix of home-studio production and live recorded sessions. Starting from ideas and demos from Riccardo, all tracks are the result of collaborative jams with musicians bringing their own styles and perception to the table. These sessions created a dialogue of personal vibrations, blending together to emerge as a collective sound.