Francis Cabrel - Un Morceau De Sicre (Blue) [Colored Vinyl] [Limited Edition]


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 01/19/2024
UPC: 3700398729770

Un Morceau De Sicre (Blue) [Colored Vinyl] [Limited Edition]
Artist: Francis Cabrel
Format: Vinyl


1. Un Morceau de Sicre

More Info:

It's a project that Francis Cabrel felt very strongly about. To compose a song as a hymn to his town, his region.In addition to the musical aspect, Francis painted the cover, storyboarded the video and produced it. So it's with this same logic that this collector's item is naturally released on an independent structure. Here are a few words from Francis Cabrel:"The pun is as small as the character is big. Un morceau de Sicre donc de positivité, de bienveillance, d'humour, d'érudition tout ça dans ton café noir... une journée toulousaine commence. It's a tribute to this city of great importance to me. Between rue Caraman and rue Matabiau, I sang and recorded my first songs there. A number of people could and should have featured in the chorus, but as there's no room, I'd like to thank them here, in particular Richard and Daniel Seff, Jean-Pierre Mader, Michel Art Mengo, Émile, Images and Gold, all those who have taken Toulousan chanson to the top behind the great Claude, whom everyone follows.Claude Sicre is one of the pioneers of the defense and recognition of Occitan culture, also known as a member of the Fabulous Trobadors.