Cobra the Impaler - Karma Collision [Limited Edition] [Digipak]


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 06/14/2024
UPC: 3760053847690

Karma Collision [Limited Edition] [Digipak]
Artist: Cobra the Impaler
Format: CD


1. Magnetic Hex
2. Godless Beyonder
3. Season of the Savage
4. Eye of the Storm
5. Karma Collision
6. My Inferno
7. The Fountain
8. The Message
9. Assassins of the Vision
10. Shifting Sands

More Info:

"COBRA THE IMPALER returns with "Karma Collision," an album forged in the crucible of modern turmoil and bound by the chains of classic metal fury. This - their sophomore offering - stands as a towering monument amidst the ruins of lesser gods, a beacon of defiance shining in the shadow of a society on the brink.Tace DC, the visionary guitarist and illustrious animator, continues to steer this behemoth with a steadfast grip, his artistic mastery both an aural and visual feast. The cover of "Karma Collision," is a kaleidoscope of chaos and beauty-a vivid representation of the album's thematic heart: the inexorable force of karma meeting the immovable object of society's deepest ills.The Belgian metal titans stand undiminished, with Manuel Remmerie's vocals striking with the precision of a war-hammer, James Falck's and Tace's dual guitar onslaught carving riffs into the annals of metal history, and Mike Def's bass lines weaving like a serpent through the foundation of their sound. Ace Zec, the alchemist behind the production and mix, not only lays down the rhythmic law on drums but also encapsulates the very essence of COBRA THE IMPALER's sound-powerful, clear, and undeniably heavy.After storming the festival stages of Hellfest, Brutal Assault, Dynamo Metalfest, Alcatraz, Bloodstock, Metaldays and more, COBRA THE IMPALER has refined and distilled their furious energy into ten tracks that stand as a testament to their unyielding spirit. "Karma Collision" is not merely a follow-up to "Colossal Gods" but a doubling down, a masterful evolution that takes their established sound to cataclysmic new heights.When COBRA THE IMPALER rises, it's not just an album drop-it's an earth-shaking event, a moment that refuses to be ignored. With "Karma Collision," they don't just beckon the listener-they command the attention of all, delivering an album destined to resonate through the ages and across the annals of metal lore.FOR FANS OF : MASTODON, GOJIRA, MEGADETH, BARONESS