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Format: Vinyl
Label: IMT
Rel. Date: 12/18/2020
UPC: 3760300311318

Des Jeunes Gens Modernes / Various
Artist: Des Jeunes Gens Modernes / Various
Format: Vinyl


1. Sans Issue - Analoid
2. Les Ailes de la Nuit - Alena
3. Substance M - Abitbol ; Desperiez
4. Nice Boy - Martin Dupont
5. Ralph Und Karl - Warum Joe
6. Genèse - Les Magistrats de Syracuse
7. Demo - Codek
8. Chocs Émotionnels - Tintin Reporter
9. Swinging-Pool - Tokow Boys
10. L'eurasienne - X Ray Pop
11. Loup Garou - Elise Cabanes
12. Charles-Hubert - Les Stagiaires
13. La Prochaine Crise - Les Anonymes
14. Ami! Amant! - Opéra de Nuit
15. Lee Harver Oswald - Takenoko
16. Je Tu Nous - Nini Raviolette
17. Manche Atlantique - Megaherz
18. Performance - Merveilles Attendues
19. Encore Un Jour - Spleen Ideal
20. Guerre Après Guerre - Berlin 38
21. Anyway - Oto
22. Petruchka - Jours Meilleurs
23. Data Girl - Raison Pure
24. Boulevard Circulaire - Atom Cristal

More Info:

Twelve years after the first DES YOUNG MENS MÖDERNES exhibition took place at agnès b.'s Galerie du jour, Jean-François Sanz and Marc Collin are once again combining their record collections to curate the attendant compilation third salvo volume and once again pay tribute to the French post-punk and coldwave scene of the late 70s and early 80s.Through the 24 rare (and sometimes unreleased) tracks carefully selected for this double LP, BEATITUDE agnès b. MUSIQUE and Kwaidan Records take listeners on a retro-futuristic journey through this rich, diverse and innovative period in French rock.And, in order to celebrate the launch of this long-awaited third volume, the first DES JEUNES GENS MÖDERNES festival is set to take place on 5 and 6 November 2020 at La Station - Gare des Mines, with an intergenerational lineup bringing into light the influence that the cold wave scene continues to exert on a number of emerging artists.