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Format: Vinyl
Label: DGGR
Rel. Date: 01/29/2021
UPC: 3760300311660

Seguridad (White Vinyl)
Artist: Gaika
Format: Vinyl


1. Of Saints (Ft. Tayhana)
2. Maria (Ft. Omaar)
3. Lord Zemel (Ft. Lechuga Zafiro)
4. Brutal (Ft. Zutzut)
5. Kingdom of Slums (Ft. Lao)
6. Iron Cut (Ft. Wasted Fates)
7. Wolfish (Ft. Lao)
8. Ecstatica (Ft. Debit ; Wasted Fates)
9. Nine Nights (Ft. Omaar)

More Info:

Follows the UK producer's HEATERS 4 THE 2 SEATERS mixtape and his debut album, Basic Volume, for Warp. GAIKA collaborates with NAAFI affiliates across each of the eight new tracks, which feature TAYHANA, Lao, OMAAR, Wasted Fates, Zutzut and Lechuga Zafiro