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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 06/04/2021
UPC: 3760300312094

Lumberjack Soul 2 (Splatter Vinyl) (Blk) [Limited Edition]
Artist: Miles Bonny
Format: Vinyl


1. Before Time Stopped
2. Go with the Sun
3. In This World
4. Soulful Melodies
5. Warm in the Cold
6. Day Alone
7. Night Alone
8. Wantu
9. Mother of Love 1
10. Mental Vacation 1
11. Fade Away (Drum Version) 1
12. My Funny Valentine

More Info:

The follow-up album to Miles Bonny's legendary Lumberjack Soul LP. Hip hop and jazz-influenced soul music. In 2013 Miles had completed the 4th tour to Europe when he dropped his traditional life in Kansas City and brought his family to New Mexico. A long road trip that demanded he begins building a place for his family to live when he arrived. Raw land, visions, and hard work made his Lumberjack Soul dream a reality. In the last 7 years, he has worked on this follow up album. A lifetime of exposure to Black American Music such as Jazz, Soul, and Hip hop has led to a blend of these sounds that is authentic to Miles' experience as an American with European roots. THIS is your opportunity to own a copy of what Miles feels is his best album yet. Get yours while you can.Artwork by Miles Bonny with painting by @DesertShipBuilder