Format: Vinyl
Label: INA
Rel. Date: 08/19/2022
UPC: 3760300319062

Premiers Tubes Live
Artist: Serge Gainsbourg
Format: Vinyl


1. Douze Belles Dans la Peau
2. La Bataille de Friedland
3. Le Poinçonneur Des Lilas
4. La Recette de L'amour Fou
5. La Chanson de Maglia
6. Les Amours Perdues
7. Serge Gainsbourg Répond A Juliette Gréco
8. Le Chachacha Des Chauves M. Arnaud
9. Valse Op. 69 N°1 (Reprise de Chopin)
10. J'ai Mal A la Tête (Reprise de Georges Ulmer)
11. Les Goémons
12. L'eau A la Bouche

More Info:

From the well-known Club d'Essai of 1958 to the Discoparade shows of 1961 and 1962, Gainsbourg always found the right words to introduce his songs. We can also hear him performing a waltz from Chopin on piano or shyly answering to Juliette Gréco's questions, who had discovered him in 1959. Some of his songs were at that time already slightly naughty or equivocal.