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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 06/11/2021
UPC: 3770011431434

Rameau Triomphant
Artist: Rameau / Vidal / Ensemble Marguerite Louise
Format: CD

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Master of 18th century French opera, Rameau wrote for the stage for three decades (1733-1764). His thirty or so operatic works give considerable space to the haute-contre voice, the quintessence of most of the title roles: Platée, Dardanus, Hippolyte, Pygmalion... Mathias Vidal, a brilliant representative of this haute-contre tessitura, is one of it's foremost specialists. Having sung the majority of Rameau's operas on stage, he is an obvious paradigm of their characters. Together with Gaétan Jarry, he has conceived a programme of the most dazzling and expressive arias, to which have been added scenes accompanied by a chorus. This anthology brings to the fore the radiant voice of this pillar of the Royal Opera of Versailles. For this passionate singer of the French repertory, to record a recital dedicated to Pierre de Jelyotte, Rameau's haute-contre, makes the theatricality of his music resound to a thrilling climax!