Format: CD
Rel. Date: 07/08/2022
UPC: 4000127176592

Meet Me At The Candy Store: 31 Sweets For / Var
Artist: Meet Me At The Candy Store: 31 Sweets For / Var
Format: CD


1. The Chesterfields - Meet Me At The Candy Store
2. The Capers - Candy Store Blues
3. The Val-Chords - Candy Store Love
4. Johnny Redd - Bubble Gum
5. Judy Valentine - Gum Drop
6. Nat Russell - Chocolata
7. Ricky ; The Vacels - Bubble Gum (Twist)
8. The Casual Three - Candy Store Blues
9. The Ames Brothers - Candy Bar Boogie
10. Eddy Miller ; His Band, vocal: Jimmy McGraw - Patty Cake Man
11. Kidd Baker - Big Rock Candy Mountain
12. The Trail Riders: Don Calvi, Dick Curless (The Tumbleweed Kid) - Jelly Do-Nuts
13. Charlie Walker - The Chocolate Song
14. Buddy Greco ; His Quintet - Bon Bons, Chocolates And Chewing Gum
15. Allan Copeland ; The Hotrodders - Rock Candy Baby
16. Big Bill Schaeffer - I Hate But I Like Popcorn
17. Frank Virtuoso Quintette - Cotton Candy
18. Chuck Cabot ; His Orchestra - Chicolate Cha Cha
19. Tito Rodriguez - Cara-Caramel Choco-Chocolate
20. Lola Ameche - Sticky Apple And Bubble Gum
21. Ronnie Diamond - Candy Store
22. Mamie Bradley - The Patty Cake
23. The Crew Cuts - Candy
24. Larry Dean ; The Lennon Sisters - Bubblegum
25. Sugar ; Spice - Strawberry Shortcake
26. The Drifters - Cherry Chocolate Twist
27. The Candymen - Candy Bar Twist
28. The Col-Lee-Jets - Jam ; Jelly
29. The Kresents - Maple Syrup

More Info:

-Sweets are the everyday little pleasures - this loving compilation is the nostalgic soundtrack to go with them. Let's meet at the Candy Store! -We don't just have plain chocolate in our program, we carry all kinds of chocolate variations. -With 31 tracks from 1950 - 1964 we have assembled the sweets of a musically highly lively time! -Primarily you can hear Rock 'n' Roll with plenty of Doo-Wop, including recordings that are quite rare nowadays and appear here on CD for the first time! -The package is rounded off with the occasional country, pop, mambo and swing! -Musical candy for everyday ears, not only for collectors! -The 16-page color booklet contains notes by producer Marc Mittelacher on each track and many photos and illustrations. Who still remembers the famous scene in a Pippi Longstocking movie, when the children pressed their noses flat against the window of the candy store and Pippi subsequently bought the store empty and distributed candy canes, sweets and chocolate. We also remember it from our own childhood and youth, a candy store has always been a meeting place, whether in Europe or the United States. Like all large and small topics of everyday life, this subject is also well documented musically, and we have picked out the musical raisins and summarized them in this collection! Sweets For My Sweet is probably the best-known song in this compilation, here in the original version by the Drifters (most listeners will be familiar with the Searchers' version). In addition to a host of little-known artists who nevertheless sound like hit-makers, we have top names of music history like The Ames Brothers with a swing boogie, an early recording by Buddy Greco, a mambo by Frank Virtue, a rare LP track by the Crew Cuts and last but not least the rare stereo version of the McGuire Sisters' Sugartime Twist! Appearing here for the first time on CD are the title track Meet Me At The Candy Store by The Chesterfields and other rare numbers.