That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 43: Rockabilly / Various - That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 43: Rockabilly / Various


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 02/02/2024
UPC: 4000127176929

That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 43: Rockabilly / Various
Artist: That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 43: Rockabilly / Various
Format: CD


1. Johnny Bush - In My World All Alone
2. Johnny Watson - Come To The Party
3. Link Davis - Bon-Ta-Ru-La
4. Adrian Roland - Imitation Of Love
5. Jerry Jericho - When I'm Gone
6. Kenny Everett ; The Texas Showboys - What Is It
7. Bobby Clanton ; The Citations - Beat Back Baby
8. Earl Aycock - The Love That Thrills
9. Larry Butler - Walked Out
10. Adrian Roland - Mr. Bass Fiddle
11. Daniel James - Rock Moon Rock
12. Tommy Graham - I Love My Baby
13. Red Mansel ; His Hillbilly Boys - Johnny On The Spot
14. Wiley Barkdull - When You Go
15. Johnny Huskey ; The King Bee's - Red Dress
16. Tommy Trent - A Mile To The Mailbox
17. Jerry Matthews - My Little Baby
18. Larry Butler - Foolish Affair
19. Johnny Bush - Your Kind Of Love
20. Red Mansel - My Only One
21. Tommy Hammond ; The Rockin' Rebels - Let's Forget We Ever Met
22. Ray Mitcham - Out Yonder
23. Barney Vardeman - It's Never Too Late
24. Lawton Williams - Mama Doll
25. Daniel James - I'm Gonna Move
26. Ray Frushay - Hijackin'
27. Smilin' Jerry Jericho - What Right Have I
28. Tommy Trent - Just For Tonight
29. Link Davis - Ballad Of Jole Blon
30. Prince Arky ; His Westerners - Ten Horned Devel
31. Adrian Roland - Now I Know
32. Rocky Williams - Rock Cinderella
33. Eddie Noack - Too Hot To Handle
34. Wiley Barkdull - Tiger By The Tail
35. Larry Butler - Echoes Fade And Die

More Info:

That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 43: Rockabilly & Country Bop From The Vaults Of Allstar Records / The now 43rd installment in the popular rockabilly CD series with detailed label portraits on Bear Family Recordsr is dedicated to the Texas label Allstar Records. -On Allstar itself and it's two subsidiaries, Kool and Nu-Craft, great country and rockabilly recordings by well-known and rather obscure musicians have appeared. -A fascinating mix of country songs and hard-hitting rockabilly by musicians like Johnny Bush, Eddie Noack, Rocky Williams and Wiley Barkdull a.o. -In the extensive illustrated booklet, music historian Bill Dahl tells the story of the Houston-based label founded by Dan Mechura in detail, providing brief biographies and discographical details of each artist and recording. Dan Mechura's Houston-based Allstar Records had a different business plan from the lion's share of his country and rockabilly competitors. For a fee, Mechura and his cohorts would accept lyrics from amateur songwriters through the mail and fashion them into completed songs, recording the final product with a surprisingly impressive roster of singers and sidemen. By no means was everything Allstar and it's Kool and Nu-Craft subsidiary labels done that way, but a fair amount was - resulting in some intriguing listening. Bear Family takes an in-depth look at Allstar's obscure output on this edition of 'That'll Flat Git It!,' uncovering some splendid obscurities by surprisingly well-known names. Johnny Bush's first two singles came out on Allstar in 1958, and there are memorable entries by veteran country vocalists Link Davis, Eddie Noack, Lawton Williams, Earl Aycock, and Smilin' Jerry Jericho. Adrian Roland's Imitation Of Love beat the odds to become a national country hit in 1960, while Johnny Watson, Bobby Clanton and The Citations, Jerry Matthews, Tommy Graham, and Mechura himself (as Daniel James with Rock Moon Rock) supply tough rockabilly and Wiley Barkdull's insane guitar instrumental Tiger By The Tail rocks harder than anything coming out of Houston in 1964! 1-CD (Digipak) with 36-page booklet, 35 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 minutes.